Wound Healings Association South Africa

Expert forum is now part of WHASA

Expert forum is now part of WHASA a country wide medical company with highly qualified wound care practitioners specially trained to assist our clients that are released from hospital but still need wound care. Wound care is a specialized field and the general public do not have the correct knowledge or know how to treat wounds the right way. It is important to note that once a wound has turned septic it is often not easy to heal and can become extremely expensive. We have found that general clinics and pharmacists do not have the correct medication, wound dressings, and bandages on their premises and as such patients are left to their own devices, ultimately resulting in their wounds becoming septic. Patients often don’t follow hygiene practices and living conditions are unfavorable at best.

Wound Healing CAre
Wound Healing CAre

We at Expert Forum feel that our association with WHASA will be conducive to the communities by maintaining health standards and preventing diseases, especially through cleanliness.

Should some of your claimants need special care in this regard, Expert Forum invites you to contact us, and we will make the necessary arrangements for a wound care practitioner in the patient’s area to assist your claimant, thus ensuring your client gets the best medical treatment possible. Strict guidelines are followed with respect to fees being charged and all practitioners must follow the rules and regulate as laid down by COIDA of which WHASA is a member.

Should your client have an undertaking with the RAF, claims will be submitted to RAF’s post settlement departure.

Kindly contact our hotline on 086 111 1018 for assistance.