Trusted Personal Care in the Comfort of Home

We provide a premium personal care service nationwide as part of our wide range of award-winning live-in and visiting home care packages. Our personal care is available for all daily tasks, from bathing, dressing and toileting to applying creams and lotions and assisting with mobility. Our fully-managed carers are available on a live-in or visiting care basis, and all personal care is provided in the comfort of your own home in a discreet and professional manner.

EXPF Frail Care Unit carers work to your own routines and to an agreed care plan, although maintain as much flexibility as is needed to ensure you can also enjoy as much independence with your personal care as possible in the way that’s most comfortable for you.

Our carers are carefully matched to our customers to ensure that a trusting and positive friendship can be formed, and we work to provide a continuous service so that the same familiar faces are around, especially important when it comes to personal care.

What does personal care involve?

Personal care is a service that supports individuals with personal hygiene and mobility, along with dressing and maintaining personal appearance, and can include (but is not limited to):

  • ·        Bathing, showering and bed-baths
  • ·        The application of lotions and creams
  • ·        Dressing and changing
  • ·        Getting ready for bed and getting up in the morning
  • ·        Oral hygiene
  • ·        Applying make-up and maintaining hair care
  • ·        Shaving
  • ·        Help with toileting
  • ·        Changing continence pads, stoma or catheter and cleaning intimate areas
  • ·        Assisting with mobility and getting around

Our tailored live-in care and visiting care service offers older people with a positive alternative to the fixed regimes of residential care. We are able to match you with a EXP Frail Care Unit carer who shares similar outlooks and interests to assist you with the support and personal care that you need to remain at home.

Whether you require help a few times a week, once a day or round-the-clock support, we have a flexible home care service that is adapted to you. Our dedicated care management team have years of experience in tailoring personal care for elderly individuals and will be there for you each step of the way to ensure that you receive care which is fully adapted to you or your loved one.

We are proud to have gained a strong reputation for providing quality, reliable and trusted personal care to the elderly. To book a free no-obligation home assessment, contact our expert team today.

Our field-based care managers ensure that your personal care plan is fully tailored to accommodate your likes and dislikes, including the hygiene and beauty products you want to use. Our carers are extensively trained to provide discreet personal care while ensuring they are respectful of your personal boundaries and independence at all times. They undertake regular refresher training and are always fully managed, providing and receiving constant feedback to ensure your personal care plan always meets your needs.

Live-in care or flexible visiting care

Our fully trained carers can provide day or night time visits to the home, from just half an hour a day, or can move in to the home of the client and provide full-time live-in care and support according to the personalised care plan and the client’s specific needs. This allows families to be safe in the knowledge that their relative’s days will be as free of anxiety as possible under the expert care of a patient and understanding professional.