Unfortunately children suffer many of the same accidents or injuries as adults. In addition many injuries happen at birth and are completely preventable. Our team of Experts have experience in dealing with children with orthopedic injuries and amputations, mild brain injuries that result in behavioral issues, through to more severe conditions such as cerebral palsy or erbs palsy. Children obviously develop significantly through the life-cycle of a personal injury or clinical negligence claim and therefore understanding and regular tracking of the changes in a child’s development is key to the success of a Pediatric Expert. It is not uncommon for a pediatric, birth injury case to last for between 8-10 years, maybe even longer.

We deal with:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Erbs Palsy
  • Poly-Trauma – Orthopaedics and Multi-Fractures
  • Amputations
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

Typical Background

All of our Pediatric Experts have specialised in their field from very early in their careers; this is important as tracking children’s development over their first 16-18 years gives each Expert a clear indication of how they may transition to adulthood and what provisions need to be put in place along the way. Typically our Experts have a mixture of specialist acute and community work combined with exposure to the special education system. Many have worked in specialist schools around South Africa and developed a clear understanding of the variations of special schooling and mainstream schooling; experience of completing SEN or ECH plans is important. Many of our Experts go on to become Case Managers and independent practitioners working as the project lead for a child’s all round care and support network. Experience in forming complex care plans is essential as this can often include directly employed, 24 hour care and detailed shift patterns. Care often forms the largest cost in these reports so experience in this area is essential.

Key skills:

  • Case Management
  • Experience/ knowledge of special education settings – SEN or ECHP.
  • Experience in organising complex care packages and liaison with local community and education services.
  • Strong assessment skills – including housing adaptation, aids & equipment and transport.
  • Resourcing skills – knowing what can meet the needs and who will deliver it.
  • Realistic understanding of what a child is likely to achieve over time.
  • Experience of how long a course of treatment or an intervention may last.
  • Ability to assess how well a client will engage with therapy and if a family will co-operate.
  • Ability to justify the needs of a claimant/client/patient using past experience.

Maximising your potential

As a Expert Forum Expert you’re able to provide more creative care packages, equipment aids and housing adaptation as you will be able to think beyond the immediate need and focus on the long term. Expert Forum offers extensive structured support and knowledge sharing throughout your Expert career. We have a large team of Experts and it is great to have this combined knowledge accessible for all. Because of this you will find your experience filtering back into you day job, making you a stronger all round clinician.

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