Trusted Parkinson’s Care in the Comfort of Home

A diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease is life-changing and frightening, but it does not mean the end of a person’s life, and Parkinson’s care at home means that that they do not have to lose their independence or their right to live where they want, how they want.

Our tailored Parkinson’s home care offers a positive alternative to residential care which enables a person affected by Parkinson’s disease to receive quality personalised one-to-one care in the home that they know and love.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive condition which causes a number of symptoms including tremors, slow movement, stiff muscles and problems with balance and mobility. Although there is currently no cure, certain medications along with lifestyle changes including healthy eating, exercises and a set routine can help ease symptoms.

Our Parkinson’s care at home services

Our Parkinson’s home care is developed around a clear understating of the continually changing demands of Parkinson’s disease and how it affects each person differently. Our one-to-one service ensures care is developed around the support that you require to remain safely and comfortably at home whilst empowering you remain in control of your choices.

Recognising the mental and physical challenges that a person living with Parkinson’s disease faces on a daily basis, our carers adopt a holistic approach to provide you with both practical help as well as emotional and psychological support to ensure you can continue to lead as active life as possible.

Whether you require help a few times a week, once a day, or round-the-clock support, we have a flexible Parkinson’s home care service that can help. Our dedicated care management team have years of experience in tailoring care for individuals affected by Parkinson’s disease and will be there for you each step of the way to ensure that you receive Parkinson’s care at home which is personal to you or your loved one. For further information or to book a free, no obligation, home assessmentcontact our friendly team today.

Live-in care or flexible visiting care

Our fully trained carers can provide day or night time visits to the home, from just half an hour a day, or can move in to the home of the client and provide full-time live-in care and support according to the personalised care plan and the client’s specific needs. This allows families to be safe in the knowledge that their relative’s days will be as free of anxiety as possible under the expert care of a patient and understanding professional.