The most common misconception regarding Expert work is that you must only deal with Head, Spinal and Birth Injury. A vast proportion of the work we are regularly instructed on focuses on a combination of mental health and multi-trauma injuries. Many of our Experts work in this field, and past experience has shown that knowledge of equipment and focus on the patients’ independence is hugely beneficial when costing future care and rehabilitation needs.

Mental health conditions are common in individuals who have suffered a physical injury, as well as those who suffer pre-existing conditions.

We deal with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Psychosis
  • Personality Disorders
  • Forensic mental health cases

Typical Background

There is not a blue-print background when it comes to this work, particularly in dealing with claimants in this field of expertise. However, from our experience we can say that a combination of, or at least experience, in community rehabilitation and acute care is considered important.

Our Mental Health Experts should have a background in both mental and physical injury, preferably in the community. As our cases are rarely instructed on the basis of just a Mental Health condition it is desirable that an Expert can demonstrate knowledge of common physical injuries; refer to orthopedic and palliative care pages for more information.

In the community setting clinicians are exposed to a cross section of injuries and conditions and will also conduct regular home visits, have access to equipment stocks and feed into the package of care devised for the individual.

Key skills:

  • Setting rehabilitation goals
  • Discharge planning
  • Advising on care packages
  • Provision of equipment
  • Planning of housing adaptation

Complementary Work

At Expert Forum, we are focused on providing quality, both of Expert and their reports. In order to achieve that quality we believe our Experts should maintain relevant, complementary clinical work. Our Experts work in both independent and statutory sectors and we find both have strong attributes for this field of work.

Maximising your potential

As a Expert Forum Expert you’re able to provide more creative care packages, equipment aids and housing adaptation because of the reduced statutory restriction placed upon you. Expert Forum offers extensive structured support and knowledge sharing throughout your Expert career. We have a large team of Experts and it is great to have this combined knowledge accessible for all. Because of this you will find your experience filtering back into you day job, making you a stronger all round clinician.

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