Our experienced Head Office Staff are focused on providing our various Experts with the support and training they need to ensure they deliver the best of breed service to our clientele. At Expert Forum you can be confident we will help maximize your individual potential.

Office Support

From the outset, our Allocations Team manages the steady workflow of our Experts, which are tailored to each one’s capacity, their experience, and specialized clinical area. Each of the cases that is worked on will be overseen and managed by our Allocations Team. With the steady flow of work, we offer to our Experts, we are continually enabling them to become proficient and skilled in report writing, thus ensuring professional work is being delivered. At Expert Forum, our philosophy is to support each one of you to become the best you can be!

We also have additional value-added services to support those of you working from home. These services include, amongst others, administration management services as well as stationery requirements. Should you require external bookkeeping support, we can offer you this service at a fixed rate.

Current Clinical Role

All our Experts maintain a complementary clinical post in their respective specialist area; be it head, spinal, birth, orthopedic (upper/lower limb), mental health, or palliative care. This is a fundamental prerequisite for our Experts as it keeps them clinically current with the latest best practice and up-to-date information