Trusted Home from Hospital Care

When leaving hospital after surgery or a debilitating illness, many people are keen to return with home from hospital care, including post-operative care and convalescent care, in place as soon as possible. Here, in relaxed and comfortable surroundings, they are statistically more likely to recover faster and are removed from hospital acquired infections.

Whether you need visiting care daily, help a few times once a week or live-in care until you are back on your feet, we offer a tailored home from hospital care service designed around the level of support that you require. Our post-operative care and convalescent care services can be arranged in advance of your surgery or expected hospital discharge date to ensure that your home care is in place for when you need it.

Our post-operative care

Life after surgery can present a number of physical, emotional and practical challenges. Our tailored service is specifically adapted to the level of support that you require, helping to facilitate a quick recovery in the privacy and comfort of home.

Our team work closely with hospital discharge teams and the other health professionals involved in your care to assist with your prescribed post-operative treatment and exercise regimes. They will help you to follow a nutritious diet, encourage good hydration and a keep a close eye on your recovery to reduce the changes of infection or hospital readmission.

In the case of knee or hip replacement surgery, our carers will be on hand to assist with safe mobility. They will help you around the house, run your errands and prepare your meals, enabling you to focus on your recovery and regain your strength at a comfortable pace until you feel ready to resume your normal daily life.

Our convalescent care

For those recovering from a debilitating illness, our convalescent home care service helps you to return home from hospital and recuperate in relaxed surroundings. Our carers will help assist with medication, encourage gentle exercise and look after your household chores. They recognise the stressful time you have been through and are there to provide friendly companionship whilst you rebuild your strength and confidence for as long as you need them.

Emergency post-operative care and emergency convalescent care

We understand that sometimes very little notice is given by your hospital as to your discharge date. Our responsive team are on hand and able to provide emergency post-operative and convalescent care when required. In this instance, please call our team on 086 111 1018 so that we can fast track your enquiry.