Head injury is a complex field with no patient presenting in the same way. We work with a range of claimants from the severely cognitively impaired through to those with mild traumatic brain injury or concussion, who present just like you or I in many of their daily routines. For this reason we have a varied team with individuals from Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Speech & Language backgrounds.

We deal with:

  • Acquired brain injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Neurological and degenerative disorders – Severe stroke, MND
  • Psychological and behavioural problems
  • Sensory and memory impairment
  • Speech and Language Therapy

Typical Background

All of our Head Injury Experts have worked in either community, acute unit or supported living rehabilitation environments early in their careers in neurological rehabilitation. Many of our Experts then have further experience in the private sector at regional rehabilitation units, as independent therapists or as private Case Managers; working independently or with a larger agency. Case Management experience is important in the Medico-Legal field particularly when forming complex care plans that can often include directly employed, 24 hour care and detailed shift patterns. Care often forms the largest cost in these reports so experience in this area is essential. Many people who have a head injury have also suffered additional injuries extenuating the complexity of their need and our Experts will also have experience in assessing these injuries.

Key skills:

  • Case Management
  • Experience in organising complex care packages and liaison with local community services.
  • Strong assessment skills.
  • Resourcing skills – knowing what can meet the needs and who will deliver it.
  • Realistic understanding of what a claimant/patient/client is likely to achieve over time.
  • Experience of how long a course of treatment or an intervention may last.
  • Ability to assess how well a client will engage with therapy and if a family will co-operate.
  • Ability to justify the needs of a claimant/client/patient using past experience.

Complementary Work

At Expert Forum, we are focused on providing quality, both of Expert and their reports. In order to achieve that quality we believe our Experts should maintain relevant, complementary clinical work. Many of our Experts work in both independent therapy and Case Management and we find both have strong attributes for this field of work.

Maximising your potential

As a Expert Forum Expert you’re able to provide more creative care packages, equipment aids and housing adaptation as you will be able to think beyond the immediate needs and focus on the long term. Expert Forum offers extensive structured support and knowledge sharing throughout your Expert career. We have a large team of Experts and it is great to have this combined knowledge accessible for all. Because of this you will find your experience filtering back into you day job, making you a stronger all round clinician.

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