We Give Special Care

Receiving kind personal care when you need it the most is of vital importance to Expert Forum, so let us assist by ensuring you get all the attention you need, no matter the situation.

When your loved one needs to go to a hospital which may result in them having to stay there for a period of time; or they need to relocate to a retirement home – having personalised care makes a world of difference. It is a known fact that hospital and nursing home staff face a daily, never-ending struggle to provide patients with the quality of care they truly need and deserve. But, with Expert Forum’s Frail Care program, you and your loved one will always be our number one priority, and with our hospital and retirement home care solution, we will ensure your loved one’s comfort and your peace of mind.

We will provide your loved one with extremely compassionate, nurturing, and talented home nursing staff that will stay at your loved one’s side,  ensuring their every need is met and they are comfortable, relaxed, and completely satisfied. Our home care nurses will give your loved one their full attention, including our highly specialised nursing sisters, who are continually managing their staff and supervising all cases under their control, thus ensuring all patients receive the care they need.

In the event of your loved one having to go to hospital and needs to spend a few days there, try and ensure that their own personal nurse accompanies them to the hospital, thus guaranteeing they receive care of the highest standard and quality.

Or, if you have a loved one who stays in a retirement home, pair them with their own personal carer who will give them the companionship and care they deserve. EXPF Frail Care Group will take care of your loved one as they would care for their own personal family member.

Our belief is simple, our customers come first in everything we do. With the commitment to provide the highest quality live-in care or visiting care and support.

EXPF Frail Care provides a bespoke, fully managed premium care service that enables our customers to remain independent and in control of their lives whilst supported by highly trained and compassionate carers who offer a regular and reliable helping hand throughout the day.

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