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Expert Forum Caregiving is the act of caring for and supporting an elderly, sick, or disabled person with day-to-day living. Caregiving is also known as Home-Based Care, Caring for the Elderly, In-Home Care, Home Nursing and Home Caring. The elderly would need a caregiver to assist them when they develop health problems or when they are in the process of post-surgery recovery. Due to the demands of our modern lifestyles, it has become increasingly difficult for families to assist their loved ones daily. The responsibilities of running a household, pressure at work, and raising children makes it extremely complicated to provide intensive care for an elderly family member.

Caregivers do not only aid people who are desperately in need of help, but they also provide warm companionship and friendship that is truly appreciated by those they care for. A crucial component of elderly home care is to ensure the patient feels safe and comfortable.

Home Based Care

When they can stay in their own home, most elderly adults feel better mentally and physically. Staying at home means that they are surrounded by the familiar, which helps to create a sense of security and freedom. 

Home-Based Care

The ability to stay at home can encourage your elderly loved one to reach out and communicate more. Home care empowers elderly adults to do things on their own but quickly helps when needed. These feelings of confidence and independence can be extremely beneficial for their mental health and well-being. There are various types of Caregivers that you may hear about. These are private-duty caregivers, independent caregivers, family caregivers, and respite caregivers.

How can a home caregiver help you?

Ø  Companionship

Ø  Transport and mobility

Ø  Transferring and Positioning

Ø  Exercise routines

Ø  Grooming and dressing

Ø  Bathing and toileting

Ø  Incontinence care

Ø  Understanding the sensitivity of the problem.

Ø  Medication reminders

Ø  Emergency monitoring

Ø  Communication assistance

Ø  Meal preparation / Basic-level cooking

Ø  Light housekeeping

Ø  Pet care

Ø  Plant care

Ø  Grocery shopping

Ø  Recreational activities and outings

Ø  Driving and other errands



 Here are some specific needs a caregiver can tend to: – Dementia and Alzheimer’s, Palliative care, and Disability care.

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