Are you a Case Manager

Many of our Experts are Case Managers, and experience has shown that a Case Managers’ care knowledge is hugely beneficial when costing future care and rehabilitation needs, especially when it relates to a head injury, spinal cord injury, and birth injury. Our reputation in the Expert Witness world is highly valued. Solicitors and lawyers appreciate the high quality of our reports produced by our panel of Professionals, which is attributed to the high quality of our Experts, and we would welcome highly qualified experienced Case Managers to join our team.

At Expert Forum you can be confident we will help maximise your individual potential, even if you have gathered a wealth of experience to date. You will never be idle as an Expert with our organization, and we place great emphasis on making sure you give the very best of yourself to the client; and yes, to yourself as well. We can do this with competitive pay rates and support services; unrivaled training and QA mentorships; a consistent and regular workload; and extensive CPD and knowledge sharing.

Why work as both a Case Manager and Expert Witness?

We believe there are a great number of transferable skills that are valuable to an Experts work. The two roles overlap and intertwine throughout the lifecycle of a Medico-Legal case. Essentially the role of a Case Manager is that of coordinator, facilitator, and trouble-shooter for an individual’s long-term care requirements. Case Managers, without realising it, immediately possess a wealth of knowledge and skills to be a great Expert, including:

  • Researching care rates and working with care agencies.
  • Understanding the costs involved in the recruitment process of advertising, interviewing, and employing carers.
  • Keeping abreast of changes in employment law.
  • Analysing how many carers will be needed in a team to cover the care hours and working this into a shift pattern.
  • Understanding the requirements to provide carers’ training, supervision, and induction.
  • Sourcing other professionals to provide rehabilitation.
  • Planning a client’s holiday or leisure pursuits.
  • Regularly reading and implementing recommendations from other Expert reports.

As an Expert Witness, you can utilise the skills of being a Case Manager in a more predictable, ‘hands-on’ environment. The nature of the work is predominantly report-based which complements the ‘hands-on’ Case Management role. In fact, many of our Professional Experts would say that Case Managers are the perfect complement to the Expert work we offer!

 For information about specific requirements, please use the menu on the left to discover more. If you are currently a practicing Case Manager and would like to know more about our offering, then our doors are always open for a confidential chat. We welcome applications from Case Managers looking to add to their experience in a new, supportive and rewarding environment. Simply register your details by clicking on the button below. We will sign you up to our mailing list and our Recruitment Manager will contact you to talk about your experience.